About Us

Welcome To Hamara Gurukul Academy

Established in 2015, Humara Gurukul Academy is a home for specially needed children Humara Gurukul Academy is a well-known organization based on trust, bond and understanding. We readily work on taking care of children with special needs and help them learn daily chores including various day to day activities while building a relationship with them. Our focus is to conduct dynamic classes that are not only fruitful in their development but also to engage them to be a part of society.

We believe that every child is a gift of God and specially needed children are the most special gifts of God. It can be quiet challenging to raise children with special needs but the journey of raising them can be full of adventurous and fun if brought up in the right way. Humara Gurukul Academy is an organization that helps in the growth and development of children in the most professional and affectionate manner.

Every big picture has got some story behind its success. Similarly, behind every successful step, there is a person who is inspired by the experiences and various factors in life that have led the person to take a step and bring a big change in the existing society. The Founder of Humara Gurukul Academy Mr. Neeraj Singh who along with the help of parents and support of Humara Gurukul Team is one of those who created & contributed in doing something different for the different kind of perfect kids.

Here is a small glimpse of Mr. Neeraj Singh’s timeline who evolved as a person with an ambition to fulfill this big dream:

  • »   On 1st of April, 1999 till 10th of May, 2005; Mr. Singh worked as a swimming coach and sports teacher at Manovikas Special School.
  • »   From 15th of May, 2005 till 20th of March, 2010; he worked as a Special Educator and Sports in charge at Tamana Special School.
  • »   Then from 25th of April, 2010 till 1st of March, 2016 at Step By Step World School, Noida; he was a swimming coach and sports teacher for the children with special needs.
  • »   Then on 1st of December, 2015; in a basement in Gurugram, Mr. Neeraj Singh established a school which is now famously known as “Humara Gurukul Academy” to serve as a helping hand for the children with special needs.
  • »   In 2005, 2010, 2014 and 2017; four times he represented Delhi at National swimming platform as a coach.

The remarkable legend H.E. Luccock once said, “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it." A sole person can’t reach to the top of the highest mountain peak alone if he doesn’t have shoulders and helping hands to support and lift him up. It takes a whole team to achieve some goal and teamwork is the only key to success. The prime reason why Humara Gurukul Academy is a prosperous Trust today is the immense support and infinite hope of whole the team as well as the parents who stood together as a pillar in all the good and bad times. Our Coaches, Staff members, Teachers and the entire team that makes this Academy a comfortable adobe for our children, had worked hard in bringing the change in the society by achieving all the targeted goals.

Children grow and prosper only when their parents and teachers join hands together to support them. Humara Gurukul Academy is thankful to all the parents who have supported us and still do in our times of needs. We as a Trust are incomplete without the role of encouraging parents who have countless faith and certitude in us.

Along with his wife Mrs. Beena Singh, who is the Director of Humara Gurukul Academy and the entire team, Mr. Neeraj Singh aspires to serve and help all his children with special needs till his last breath.